Brand Spotlight: Coastal Scents

Hello lovelies :)  This past week was long and arduous for me, but I hope yours was fantasic!

This post marks the start of a new feature here on New Shine where we discuss a brand as a whole, including some of my favorite products of theirs, brand history, where to buy, etc. There are some great, inexpensive brands to shop from who offer quality products at a reasonable price, but you may not know about them or, if you’re like I was, had no idea of their scope in the makeup world. Hopefully these Spotlights will help you make informed beauty decisions! :)

This first Spotlight is for a brand named Coastal Scents, which is an online cosmetic supply company based in Florida. Here’s what their website says about the company:

“We are experienced in making Bath and Beauty Products since 2005 and we are constantly broadening our knowledge. Our extensive background in Retail and Customer Service helps us to serve our customers even better. We have worked with some huge companies behind the scenes such as: Martha Stewart, Hitachi, Morton Salt, as well as schools and universities.

We not only sell ready made products, but also the ingredients to make your own. Most products are purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturer and repackaged in smaller sizes to make them affordable to smaller companies or personal use. We strive to save you time and shipping costs that occur from having to buy products at several different locations.

Customer suggestions are welcome, we are geared to accommodating a priority customer demand.

We do not test products on animals and only support suppliers that do the same. All the products we carry are produced cruelty free and no animals are harmed. Even though some companies still test on animals, we believe that it is unnecessary, unethical and is scientifically unreliable. We want to be sure that our products are safe on humans, so our products are rigorously assessed and tested by human volunteers.

As a company with many natural products, we also help our environment by recycling.”

Their products are CHEAP, y’all. Cheap. But the quality is really great! I first heard about them in one of TiffanyD’s videos which featured the 88 Original and 88 Shimmer palettes. I was initially super impressed with the pigmentation and of course, the price. (Full price, the 88 Palettes are $18.95, but they frequently do sales ranging from 15-30% off.)

They have a strong focus on customer service, and it shows when they wrap products for shipping. Everything is delicately wrapped, shipped on time, and there’s always several samples. I have NOTHING but positive things to say about them, and I’ve ordered several palettes from them now.

88 Color Eye Shadow Palette

88 Color Eye Shadow Palette

88 Color Eye Shadow Palette

Aren’t the colors crazy vibrant?! There are different finishes in this palette, ranging from matte to metallic.

Some sample swatches from the 88 Color palette.

Metal Mania Palette (88 colors)

This one's my favorite!

I love these colors!

For those of you who may want a palette with some calmer colors…

A lovely neutral palette.

No mirror on this one.

A good mix of finishes.

It was hard to get the lighter colors to show up, but I love these!

I don’t feel the need to do reviews on the palettes and colors themselves, simply because YouTube is saturated with hundreds of them, and I strongly encourage you to look some up if you want to know more about specific palettes/colors.

Coastal Scents sells great quality products at lower prices due to buying from the wholesaler directly, as stated in their “About Us” section above. They sell face, eye, and lip products, as well as ingredients to make your own. I haven’t been let down thus far and I plan to try many more products in the future! I hope you’ll check them out, then let us know what you think in the comments below!!

Much weekend love,


(The Coastal Scents logo and row of palettes pictures are from the Coastal Scents website.)

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