Laura’s Essentials- Basic Makeup Kit: Fresh Face

After many years of beatin’ my own face, I feel like I have a really solid base kit to work from. I have experimented and edited it many times, but this group of essentials has been pretty consistent. I thought it might be handy to do a series focusing on these tried-and-true basics for those of you still working out the important elements of your own kits.

My recommendations are twofold: first, I’ll suggest the fundamental elements that I think make a well-rounded, personal makeup kit. Then I’ll recommend a product in the category, like a specific concealer or brand of lipstick, for example, that I’ve tried and can attest to it’s awesomeness. I think this might be more helpful if you’re looking for a place to start!

Keep in mind that the products I recommend are just that: a place to start. If the foundation or mascara I choose doesn’t work for you, identify exactly what it is that you don’t like and take it back to look for something else! Drugstores, Ulta, Sephora, Target, and Walmart have excellent return policies, so keep your receipts. Don’t be afraid to try something new because that’s how you learn!

Here’s a peek at the upcoming posts in the series:

  1. Fresh Face
  2. Everyday Eyes
  3. Lickable Lips and Some Optionals
  4. Fabulous and Functional Makeup Bags


A little photo disclaimer: 

The products I’m showing you are ones that I own and have used, which is why I feel comfortable including them in an essential kit. Because I have used them, they look BUSTED. These products have battle scars from all the face beatin’!


We’ll bust open the makeup bag by starting with the face products:

Laura’s Essentials Kit: Face Products


What base you choose is incredibly subjective, more so than just about any other makeup item. What works best for one person with oily skin may be the worst option for someone with dry skin. I chose a liquid foundation because it’s a consistency that works for a wide variety of skin types in general, and you can apply as much or as little as you need.

I picked Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Foundation. It’s an amazing drugstore option that really is long wearing, so it’s perfect for an exhausting work day. I specifically picked an option that doesn’t have SPF, because you can always layer sunscreen underneath your foundation, after your moisturizer. (SPF causes flashback in photos, which is a white cast and is NOT cute. Trust me, I’ve been there.)

I’ve used this base on days where I don’t want as much coverage (it’s a solid medium- to full-coverage foundation) and sheered it out by mixing it with some lotion. Voila! Instant tinted moisturizer. You can find Super Stay foundation anywhere Maybelline products are sold for around $10.



I picked concealer based on two common issues: under-eye brightening and blemish covering.

For under-eye brightening, I chose Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch. It’s been a fantastic product and I really have dropped all other under-eye concealers once I started using this. It’s lightweight, easy to use and to blend, and doesn’t crease on me. Just can’t rave about this product enough! I use the shade Ivory, and you can find this anywhere Maybelline is sold for around $8.

For blemish concealing, I chose yet another Maybelline product (it’s not intentional!): SuperStay 24HR concealer. I’ve tried quite a few concealers, but this is the one that has worked the best for me time and time again. It’s creamy, pigmented, and lasts!  Again, buy this anywhere Maybelline is sold for around $8.



Guess what? This isn’t another Maybelline product!! I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m SUCH a fan of e.l.f. Studio blushes! The shade in the photo is Candid Coral, but I hear great things about Tickled Pink, too (a NARS Orgasm dupe, perhaps?). There are some shades in this range that are too sparkly for my taste, but overall, they’re very pigmented and incredibly easy to use. Very pleased with these! Best of all, they’re only $3 and you can buy them at Target or e.l.f.’s website.

Laura’s Essentials Kit: Face Products


If you have any questions, please ask! I might have left something out that you want to know. I hope you’ve enjoyed this first installment and I’ll see you next week for part two!!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend,


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